Reiki Healers Learn from Covid-19: 4 Steps to Deeper Self-healing

We Reiki Healers have faced several months of zero public practice during the Covid 19 outbreak, but many of us have come out of this stronger than ever! How? By using the enforced isolation to deepen our self-healing practice.

One of my defining qualities as a Reiki teacher is my passionate belief in post course support for Reiki healers. I constantly encourage and support my students to keep a balance of 2 main elements; self-healing and healing others, which are further divided into either real time, hands on treatments or healing across time and space, known as distant healing. The Covid 19 lockdown situation has seen the focus shift dramatically to self-healing and distance healing, but many healers still need help to make that leap and to sustain and deepen their self-healing practice. I have found two articles to help Reiki healers do just that.

In a recent blog titled ‘Ever deepening Reiki Self practice’ published on July 9th 2020 by Pamela Miles, on her website  we can read Ali Walters’ article ‘Coming Home to My Reiki Self Practice’ in which she describes what she learnt about self-Reiki during Pamela Miles’ Coming Home 2020 retreat. Ali explores Pamela Miles’ advice that we switch from ‘practice and repeat’ to ‘practice, observe, contemplate and repeat’. This method of paying attention during treatment and reflecting afterwards worked really well for Ali to go much deeper into self-awareness and self-appreciation. She found Nature was a good place to do that contemplation. She discovered that paying attention to something means we increase its value. Not only that, but by paying attention to ourselves and our gifts, we develop gratitude as well, which is a huge positive for spiritual growth and a major reason to practise self-healing.

Try Contemplating in Nature after Self-Reiki

In the second article ‘The Importance of Self-Reiki’ published on July 15th 2020 by Reiki Rays Gemma Rose gives us 4 main reasons to practise Reiki self-healing. Firstly, the spiritual self-protection gained is important, especially for empaths. She goes on to explain the benefits of understanding the self and increasing connection to the energy and stresses the need to care for yourself before caring for others. Finally, she gives practical advice about how to do it. For example, using background music to raise the vibration, using scanning and symbols, practising acceptance of the releasing emotions and including grounding and gratitude.

In my own experience as a Reiki Master, it’s easier to build a regular, deep practice of self-healing if we can see it as one half of the balancing scale of being a Reiki Healer; we must invest in our own energetic vibration and protection in equal measure to flowing energy to support others. Even in the face of adversity, or should I say especially in the face of adversity, we must always take the time to care for ourselves first.

P.A.C.E. yourself with four simple actions!

  • Protection – self-healing with intention balances our energy body and strengthens boundaries to protect us from unwanted energies of fear, blame and anxiety.
  • Awareness – paying full attention to your experiences of emotional and physical healing and reflecting on them after the self-healing helps us to be present, find deeper meaning and live in gratitude.
  • Connection – the more you flow Reiki, the stronger your connection to the energy.
  • Evolution – the answers are within and self-healing is the way to go there and develop further. You can’t heal others if you don’t appreciate and care for yourself.

Remember these four steps towards sure but steady progress on your Self-Reiki journey – come what may!

Reiki Master, Bowen Therapist
Reiki Master & Bowen Therapist, Christine Ashton

My name is Christine Ashton and I am committed to helping people untangle the knots of life with deep healing and down to earth guidance for self-care, spiritual awareness and transition. I am the founder of Untie The String Natural Healing a healing practice that offers Reiki Healing and Courses.

I am passionate about supporting students throughout their Reiki journey, through Reiki Shares, spiritual development workshops and well-being meet ups with a focus on healing for healers and seekers of a profound shift in awareness.

I hold a Bachelor of Science dual honours degree in Marketing and Modern Languages and am currently studying a Social Media Marketing Specialisation on Coursera You can reach me on Twitter @untiethestring, or find me on Facebook and Linkedin