Breathwork Healing

Breath as a healing catalyst for physical wellbeing, energetic equilibrium, emotional release, mental clarity, creative focus, spiritual guidance and a connection with the mystical.

If you would like to try this powerful experience, I have created a playground just for you, where you can ride the wave of a themed conscious connected breathwork in a small group, deep diving into themes like chakras, inner child work and tarot-inspired explorations of self. The Breathwork Healing Community is where you can join a small group to explore spiritual development topics and experience a Breathwork Healing Journey. These are intuitively guided sessions of conscious connected breathwork, supported by supremely evocative music playlists, especially designed by me to help you go deeper into this powerful connection to your inner wisdom, your higher self or your higher power to access healing, insights and guidance within a safely held space with optional added energy healing.

You can also book a one to one healing breathwork with me and have the session finely tailored to you. A 15-20 minute consultation will elicit the theme and the music will be selected to exactly fit your needs. You get the added benefit of touch and can also combine the breathwork with Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing and Sound Healing, according to your wishes.

2020 and 2021 were years of reflection and transformation for me and they brought me a new love; one that truly complements the Reiki energy healing that is my constant companion in life.

It was in these years of massive changes and challenges that I became interested in the breath. I went on a new journey, completing 400 hours of training to be a conscious connected breathwork facilitator offering workshops combining meditation, spiritual development and breathwork healing journeys with a healing catalyst effect that is hard to put into words.

Whether you choose one-to-one or group conscious connected breathwork and whether you go for online or in-person, the experience can be transformative. It can be hard to describe in words, but there is always time for sharing at the end. Or you can rest in stillness and be with the effects. People use this kind of breathwork to benefit from emotional release, heightened focus for creativity, mental clarity for decision making and for spiritual connection. The results can be breathtaking!

Joy floods through me, I feel wild as a child sailing skywards on a swing. I look up at the midnight blue mind-sky, arms outstretched, feet splayed and my radiant body soaking up the universe.

I’ve discovered something mind-blowing! Something that has been there my whole life. A way of uniting mind and body, a way of releasing tensions, a way of ascending powerfully to the highest levels of focussed awareness, a way of diving intentionally to the delicious depths of the subconscious and a way of tapping into the wisdom of the body.

And every time is different; every time unties a different tangle to set me free. It is breathwork of the conscious connected variety. But I want to call it breath-joy or maybe breath-power!