Spiritually Curious Society

Finding your tribe for spiritual growth and connection

Finding your tribe for spiritual growth and connection is the purpose of this group. Are you interested in things like meditation, manifesting techniques, the energy body, grounding techniques, conscious breathwork, reiki, sound healing, crystals, tarot, lucid dreaming, mental mediumship and psychic development? Would you like to get to know people on all kinds of spiritual paths so that you can talk to like-minded people about all these sorts of things? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to chat in a safe and friendly environment without judgement?

There’s room for everybody and all kinds of adventures in this friendship group; let’s celebrate your uniqueness! Courage takes you forwards and that’s where we are going. So take a leap of faith and join our social group for the spiritually curious! We will try new things and share what we know, at meet ups offered by me and by our members. To give you an idea, past events have included an outing to a mind body spirit fair, a trip to Bedford to see a show by a famous medium, a visit to the Arthur Findlay College open day near Stanstead and a mindfulness boat trip in St Ives. You can also come along to regular meditation and conscious breathwork events with tarot, crystal and chakra themes.

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Let’s see what we can come up with to co-create a playfully curious group of spiritual souls who can gleefully play the game of this human life, offering love and compassion for the self and for the friends we meet along the way, as we unfold our gifts with the support and company of friends who care deeply and want the best for each other.

Community and connection
for the Spiritually Curious
with Christine Ashton