We are a community of people interested in breathwork for spiritual development, who want to build connections with like-minded people and learn together how to tap into the inner wisdom of the body, make spiritual connections, increase mental clarity and release emotional blocks. 

We meet in person and online to experience conscious connected breathwork journeys. We begin with a circle and discuss themes related to wellness, self-awareness and spiritual growth. We usually have a short meditation or delve into an exploration other breathwork methods for bringing calm and equilibrium. The conscious connected breathwork journey is guided by me and set to music. I guide you in both the breath and the theme as I play you a specially compiled playlist of evocative music curated around the chose theme. Personal healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level is welcomed into your very individual experience, whether you follow these themes or spontaneously go on a different journey as you breathe. There is always a time at the end to share our experiences. 

1. Open your mouth wide, really wide, as if you are taking a bite of an apple. 

2. Take full body breaths, into your belly, your shoulders and your chest.

3. Connect your breath – make it a circular breathing pattern with no pauses at the top or bottom.

4. Make it an active inhale and passive exhale. Fill up as you breathe in and let go completely as you breathe out.

Gentler Conscious Connected Breath: Open mouth, no pauses, shallower inhale, softer exhale

Conscious Breath: Open mouth, with pauses between each breath

Nasal connected breath: Closed mouth, no pauses between each breath

Coherent Breath: Closed mouth, with pauses, inhale and exhale are equal length to a count of 5

Normal Breath: Closed mouth, with pauses, following your own natural rhythm

No experience is needed for conscious connected breathwork, and I will guide you beforehand and throughout, but please check the contraindications below and consider if you will need to adapt the breath during our workshop, perhaps using a coherent breath or taking it slowly with gentle breath awareness and short periods of open mouth breathing without pauses between breaths. I will instruct you how to do this. You can also alternate between the two methods. 

The waiver below describes the contraindications for Conscious Connected Breathwork and your responsibility for your wellbeing during a breathwork.

Community and connection
for the Spiritually Curious
with Christine Ashton