Reiki Share & Support

Our reiki community for healing, learning and friendship

The Reiki Share & Support meetups are a great opportunity to make friends and learn together. Usually we have between 4 and 8 people joining in the fun and we meet up in Harlton, Dry Drayton and Boxworth.

We enjoy a chat for the first 20 minutes and then I lead a meditation or give a little mini teaching, which I prepare so that Reiki students at any level can enjoy them. For example, we have explored aspects of the Reiki principles, talked about different styles of Reiki and demonstrated using mantras with Reiki. Then we usually have a guided meditation. These can be short, to bring an atmosphere of calm focus and gratitude before we do any healing, or a longer journey into chakra cleansing, Reiki drumming, asking for guidance or building our capacity as a channel for Reiki. Then we gather in groups of 3 or 4, with each person receiving a treatment from 2 or 3 healers at once, which is very special. Protection and grounding techniques are a prerequisite and I support you in this on an ongoing basis. At our in-person shares,  I often perform a Reiju empowerment, which is very like an attunement and is done by the Reiki Master for each participant individually to support their development as a Reiki channel.

In-person Reiki Shares are limited to 10 participants and open to Reiki students of all levels and all trainings, so that everyone gets great opportunities to practise. All share events listed on the calendar are on Meetup. The Reiki Share and Support meetup group is where you can see a full description of each event and the number of spaces available. You can also use the contact form or call/text 07966 987447 to ask about joining the Share and check availability for the dates. We have a Facebook group and a Slack Workspace Channel for Reiki Share updates. We also have a whats app group for general chat and fellowship.

Online Reiki Shares can be organised for Level 2 and up, using zoom breakout rooms to do treatments in twos and threes. We rejoin for feedback afterwards and it is clear that everyone has a wonderful time and feels a great benefit in terms of healing for themselves and connection to others.

To stay up to date, visit the calendar for our latest dates.

Community and connection
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