I have spent the last 5 years training in Trance Mediumship Healing. To explain this powerful but unusual healing modality, it helps to take each word at a time. Trance means altered state. Mediumship means acting as a middleman between spirit and the recipient of the healing. Healing means supporting you to return to an optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. So a trance mediumship healing session is a form of spiritual energy healing facilitated by spirit guides while the healer is in an altered state of consciousness.

The spirit world is also called the unseen world. The unseen world is where we go when we leave our physical bodies at the time of death, which, as a medium, I call ‘passing into spirit’. This is when we no longer need this physical body which we must wear in the material world we are in now. We can discard it and operate as energy on a different vibration. This is a return home to a place of unconditional love. Spiritual healers practice ways of raising their vibration so that they can experience this world of unconditional love, expanding their energy to merge with the great oneness and flow this energy of love through them to others, bringing them mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Trance mediumship healers do the same, but they subdue their conscious mind to enter an altered state in which they invite their spirit guide in the unseen world to move close and meld with their mind, blending energetically with them to bring healing energy from the guide to the client, via the medium. I believe that all energy healing is from the same source, just delivered in a different way.

Spirit bringing healing through my hands
Me in a spirit art reading by Imelin Lundstad in 2021
My healing guide’s energy is serene but powerful

As the energetic blending becomes deeper, the spirit guide is able to use the medium’s physical body as a vehicle for healing, directing the healers hands as energy flows to the client. The guide energetically impresses thoughts upon the medium’s mind and so the medium can invite their guide to express healing messages through them, which can be either be from the guide or from the client’s loved one in spirit, with whom the healing guide has connected.

The client feels similar effects to other forms of energy healing such as Reiki, but the energy will feel different, perhaps stronger and with a different energy signature. There may be physical sensations and realignments or changes in perception of pain levels, changes in temperature from warm glow to a sudden coldness, visual effects such as colour or images, mental clarity or aha moments or decisions made clear, emotional letting go or spiritual connections that bring joy, relief and even guidance through a connection their higher power or their spirit guides.

The degree of melding with the mind can vary from light to deep in trance mediumship, but for healing it is usually lighter. I enter a light state of trance, remaining aware of the client and what is happening at all times. I use hands on or hands off healing. For an in-person trance healing, I may find the guide is moving my hands down onto the knee or to the shoulder, for example. For online trance healing, I may find my hands are moving up and down the image on the screen. My facial expression changes to reflect the guide who is present, but I don’t usually speak or make any noise during the healing, although this could happen. I offer feedback at the end about the nature of the healing, any physical areas healed or mental or emotional or spiritual healing brought through. You may feel drawn to share at the end your experience and any physical reactions, sensations felt, emotions experienced or insights gained.

There is one ‘main guide’ for my trance mediumship and they are responsible for inviting in the other helpers and spirit guides when the intention is set for healing. After the initial blending process, my main trance spirit guide will step aside for the healing spirt guide(s) to blend with me. Several mediums have seen my main healing guide and described his facial expression and clothes to me, but I don’t have the gift of seeing him. I am clairsentient and Clairgnostic, so I sense emotions and get an instant ‘knowing’ of relevant information. Clients tell me he brings a white light through. To me, this feels like a powerful beam of energy from my right hand which varies from warm to intensely hot. When working with this guide, I usually have my left hand on the client’s body and my right hand above their body, where the healing needs to go.

I set the intention for each session before it begins. I might say this aloud, if the client wishes to hear it. For a trance healing session, I would set the intention to have my main healing guide blend with my energy to use me as a conduit for healing for the client’s highest good and would set the intention for my main guide to oversee any healing guides as they come forward from spirit and blend with my energy so that it all flows smoothly. I always ask that the space (including myself and the client) be kept sacred and protected. Other than this, I don’t usually speak during a healing session. The next words you hear are when I have come out of the trance state and I tell you that the session is over and ask you to gently come back to the room.

It is not my energy that is flowing to the client, but the healing energy brought through by the healing guide. My work is to detach myself mentally and emotionally from the outcome of the healing, so that the guides can bring what the client needs, rather than what I think they need. That being said, the relationship between a medium and a trance healing guide is that of teamwork and it takes many years to fine tune the way of working together. This is why I trained for five years before offering trance mediumship healing to my clients.

In order to understand any form of energy healing or vibrational healing, we need to first accept the premise that everything is energy, vibrating at various vibrational frequencies. This premise states that all things and all beings are energy and they all have an energy body that vibrates at a certain frequency. 

This energy has a source. This source is called different things, depending on who you are talking to and what their beliefs are. I have heard this source called ‘the universe’ or ‘spirit’ or ‘the divine’ or ‘the creator’ or simply ‘the source of all energy’.  I use the term ‘universal energy’ and I also like the term ‘the source of all energy’ because it leaves it open to individual interpretation.

All things and all beings are energy