Tiny Living with Big Skies

2013-08-19 04.15.27
Big Skies Free the Mind and Heal the Heart

Freedom is free and right on my doorstep. This was the day to live that thought! The whole day was all mine to explore all alone and it was obvious what I needed to do. Weeks of cramming my life into suitcases and exploding the contents over a series of temporary places to stay had culminated in a move into a tiny little house in Cambridge. It already had a lived in feeling before we moved in, which is why it appealed to us; we love a little character in our lives. Two weeks of intensive unpacking had left us in no doubt that our downsizing operation had been seriously flawed. It had lacked the drive that arises from dire necessity. The life of global nomads with a large shipping allowance had left us suffocated by our possessions.The last two weeks had left me feeling like Alice in Wonderland wondering how to expand my dwelling space to fit me or shrink my life to fit my tiny space.


Past masters at packing
Past masters at packing

We were free of the hamster wheel of ex pat life and its constant goodbyes and pack outs. We were home to roost in our little nest and the nest was finally feeling cozy and comfy. My one day to explore coincided with the culmination of our most drastic move ever. So it was with a song in my heart that I cycled away into the wide open fields to celebrate a clear mind and a clutter free life with the affirmation in my mind that I let go of the things that no longer serve me, that I live life in the moment with joy in my heart and that my new life is filled with abundance.


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