Goodbye Hazelnut Hill

Even the tree let go!

“I could ask that tree to fall down now.” I looked at it intently, thinking how it would be good for it to fall down now that my last goodbyes had been said. A few months ago my Bowen friend had whispered in my ear during a deliciously relaxing Bowen treatment, “Christine, we have to stop the treatment – a tree branch has fallen on my car.” After that day, I thought about my connection with trees. Strangely, I once had a past life explained to me in which a tree fell on me trapping me for days.

Today my Bowen friend had braved parking her car for the very last time next to this infamous tree that stood in the river bed outside my garden wall. She came to say goodbye, but there were no tears shed because, as I said, “This is not goodbye, this is see you next month!” We are doing the Louise Hay Heal Your Life Course together and that is a very exciting prospect for us. We are lucky to have found each other to explore Bowen and Reiki together and will carry on this journey of discovery wherever we both end up. In fact, her leaving present to me was meeting Deepak Chopra together and we both asked him our most important questions and got intriguing answers.

Anyway, back to the tree and my last day in the house. A couple of hours had passed and a million decisions of what to pack and what to let go had been made. My child minder had been following me round asking if each and every thing she had found still unpacked was rubbish and I needed to collect my thoughts. I looked out at the garden and I thought about the tree again because it was getting very windy outside. I went upstairs and asked my child minder to step out onto the balcony so that I could point out the tree and warn her not to walk in its path today.

It was hard to keep packing and yet I had no choice if I wanted to leave for the hotel today. I decided it was time to take a little break. I needed to to fetch my daughter from her friend’s place anyway, so I stood at the window downstairs again with my phone in my hand ready to call the taxi. Suddenly, the tree crashed to the ground with an almighty cracking, wrenching, whooshing sound. The carport was in its path but not my car or my children and not me. I was pleased it was down at last and I could stop thinking about it. I went out and took a few photos, feeling like a huge weight had been lifted – feeling free and ready to leave the house and all its memories behind me to start a new life in England. We wheeled our suitcases over the broken branches and took a taxi to the hotel to spend a few nights peacefully resting before the next adventure begins. Along the way, the sun came out again and I smiled knowingly when a rainbow appeared to welcome me to my room. It felt so good to be letting go. Would you believe that we are leaving Hazlenut Hill behind to live in the village of Haslingfield in Cambridgeshire? I just found out that it is pronounced like the nut; Hazle-ing-field!

Rainbow View
Rainbow View
Goodbye Hazlenut Hill
Goodbye Hazlenut Hill


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  1. Lynne Godding Avatar
    Lynne Godding

    I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. Glad the tree coming down have you a clean break and enabled you to leave the house without too much sadness. Good luck with your new ventures. Thank you for all your help and support. See you soon on fb of not always in person. We will miss you. Lx

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