Global Nomads often find that the end of the first 6 months in any new country leaves them feeling a bit buffeted about and strangely anchor less.

We have combined this turning point time with grey, rainy days curtailed by darker nights and that mounting hysteria that accompanies the Christmas Season. And yes I do call it Christmas! It’s not a winter festival to me.

Christmas means different things to different folks, but it is well known that it is not always so full of cheer for people finding themselves alone for the first time perhaps through bereavement, transition in relationships or a new location. This can mean a time of looking back and reflecting on what is lost before we can look at the present moment or look forward to presents and celebrations.


I am celebrating a new home in an old country – my country. I have already welcomed many wonderful old friends, finding enough corners for them to put up an air bed, pull out a sofa bed or even nestle under a mid sleeper in a pile of cushions and duvets. I love the hubbub of reunions and the shared stories old and new. Having people stay over makes a house into a home. Coming into a brightly lit home from the blustery weather outside and hurriedly kicking off a muddy pile of boots and shoes in the porch before we find our guests some slippers in the warm hall makes me feel cozy and glad to be here.



A few days ago we set out into the night to see trees aglow with warm reds, purples, blues and golds in an unfolding kaleidoscope of displays that inspired delighted gasps of wonder and whoops of joy as we explored along the winding little pathways through the forests and meadows of Anglesey Abbey.

We were with new friends this time, enjoying exploring something new together. The path would have been spooky and scary alone in the dark, but that evening was all light and loveliness. Same path, different experience. Like the difference between Christmas spent unwillingly alone and a Christmas Party.

Yesterday was the first lighting of the advent candle and as we welcome December, thoughts inevitably turn to a New Year waiting to begin. Before it hurries nearer, let me take this moment to send everyone out there Warm Wishes of Love and Light for a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year that brings you all your heart desires and more.


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