Staying Grounded

“The tumour has gone” were the words that I had first heard several weeks earlier during a distant healing treatment using SCIO biofeedback and Reiki, among other energies. I heard them again yesterday from my oncologist. So ends a six month learning curve that was so vertiginous, it was more of a learning line at 90 degrees from planet earth heading somewhere into the Universe. So that’s where I headed with my questions and my prayers. I was never alone.

So much love and compassion surrounded me, not just from friends and family, but from healers all over the world who formed a kind of safety net while I slowly unravelled the knotted threads of my cancer story and built strong and straight pathways to wellness, in the form of mindfulness, meditation, deepening self awareness and connection to Source as I opened my already half awake eyes to visions of Soul Purpose and revisited with a new perspective half-read chapters on Angel Healing, Akashic Records, SomatoEmotional Release and a myriad other avenues of exploration.

The main message of all this has been to change from an attitude of searching and seeking to an attitude of allowing and trusting, as I follow the advice of so many who are further down the path of Self Actualization to simply Love the Self and Live in the Now. This is my way of being as I thank the gift wrapped up within all these experiences and turn my attention to reaping the rewards of six months of adventures in Cancerland.