Both my mum and I received many sessions of Bowen Therapy, it was an amazing experience. I went on to do my Reiki level 2 with Christine and to this day Christine is not only my Reiki Master but also a very good friend. I plan to complete my level 3 mastership with Christine if not this year then next.

Neil Brown
Sofia, Bulgaria

“I myself a medical doctor, didn’t have much faith in Alternative medicine, but when I met Christine, her knowledge and abilities fascinated me and then later one day when I was in a lot of pain and had some unknown spasm or joint dislocation ( I wasn’t at all certain what it was hence couldn’t treat it) Christine with her kind ministrations helped me and the whole experience filled me with awe as it eased my pain almost immediately and improved my condition.

Later I again went to her and found the session very satisfying and healing and gave me and my attitude a positive tilt and made me feel in control. I would recommend Christine and her healing Reiki to anyone as she has a great touch and has a lovely considerate approach and is caring yet professional. With so much toxicity emanating from all kinds of foods, environment, drugs and pesticides, we should try to find cures in nature and alternate methods and Reiki is a renowned good field and Mrs Ashton is a good practitioner.”

Saima Yasin Mazhar, Sofia, Bulgaria

“Christine is caring and considerate and puts the needs of her clients first.”

Kerrilee Barrett, Dhaka, Bangladesh

“Christine is able to connect easily with your energy and has a very positive energy herself, which makes her a very good Reiki practitioner, calming and sensitive. I fully recommend her as a Reiki professional and benefited greatly myself from her practice on more than one occasion.”

Honor Flanagan, UK

“Christine’s gentle, sensitive nature together with her qualifications in Reiki and Bowen
Technique give her an incredible insight into the ‘patients’ condition and how best to help resolve
the problems. Personally I have benefited from both Bowen and Reiki.”

Paromita Sanatani, Sofia, Bulgaria

“I have had Bowen and Reiki with Christine. I was first introduced to Bowen therapy as a practice client. I found this to be very relaxing and would feel the benefits to treated areas immediately following the sessions. I then had Level One Reiki training with Christine. This has helped to bring a sense of peace and calm to my life. I now have the tools to self-heal any time needed. I have also continued to have Bowen treatments for jaw alignment, and this has been helpful for stopping me to grind my teeth at night.”

Diane Tromans Berg, Sofia, Bulgaria

“Before I visited you I had no idea what Bowen was. I had experienced two years of extremely intensive work schedule, spending 14 hours a day, 6 days a week sitting and working on the computer. I had gained a lot of weight and felt exhausted physically and emotionally. I also had headaches. Your treatments helped me feel so relaxed that I would almost fall asleep after each of them. This feeling of complete relaxation helped me a lot last year to relax and discover again the need of my body. As a result I had no more headaches, no problems with my sleep and more balanced work-life schedule and eventually I got pregnant, after two years of not being sure if this would be possible. I believe you helped me a lot to reduce the stress on both my body and mind, not only with Bowen Therapy itself but with your attitude and the atmosphere of trust and calmness that you create.”

Petya, Sofia, Bulgaria

“I have been a client of Christine’s for about 3 years. Christine is the kind of person I think a Reiki practitioner should be – she is kind, friendly, peaceful, intuitive and a good listener. She has also treated me using Bowen therapy also – her techniques always seem just right. Christine is highly professional, knows her field extremely well and I would go as far as to call her a spiritual healer. I can’t recommend Christine highly enough.”

Jane Tobin, UK

“Reiki was a totally new experience to me and at the time I reached Christine’s studio, I really didn’t know what to expect. If I must compare it to something, after all it would be to a yoga mediation. After my treatments I felt very well, light and happy. I’m sure I will do it again!”

Maria, Sofia, Bulgaria