According to my Reiki Master, I was constantly on a quest to learn and master healing techniques. I still am and I love what I do – it’s all I do! I’ve been transforming lives all over the world through healing and teaching for decades, learning all kinds of healing modalities to untie the many knots and tangles that can build up within us as we experience difficulties in life.

My first teaching job was in 1992 in Japan, but I never came across Reiki there. That happened in 2009 in Bangladesh and by then I had worked in Germany, Senegal, Japan, Vietnam, Egypt, Brunei, Kenya, Poland and China and already had two children. (I travelled all the way to Hanoi to find a husband from Halifax.)  In the beginning, Reiki was just for me and my family, but it became more of a way of life as I developed a daily practice of self-healing.   Reiki is a way to develop yourself as well as a healing method. It supports acceptance and letting go, living more in the moment, without the tension that sometimes comes from expectations and demands of loved ones or society.

I learnt an eclectic mix of techniques for self-care and wellness, such as t’ai chi, satyananda yoga, mindfulness and meditation. I added qualifications in Bowen Therapy, Human Design and Heal Your Life and developed good listening techniques with the Open University’s Introduction to Counselling Course. I became a qualified caregiver and supported people in the community when I came home to England. More recently, I began to recognise a calling for trance healing and began a diploma in spiritual and holistic energy healing. My latest adventure has been to qualify as a breathwork facilitator!

We came home to the UK in 2014 and I was just setting up my practice in Cambridge when disaster struck. I went through 4 months of tests to finally be diagnosed with colorectal cancer, by which time I was categorized as high risk. Within 2 days, I was on 5 weeks of daily radiotherapy with two weeks of chemo by pic line to the heart. The pain of the radiation ‘burns’ was indescribable. I would have found this far more frightening and challenging if I had not had Reiki and Louise Hay’s philosophy to support me. I went on a journey of self-discovery and self healing by facing my own mortality and I haven’t looked back since achieving complete remission from cancer in 2015. Life is a joy and I will never stop learning about healing!