Releasing karmic patterns from the aura

Karmic Reiki was created by Martyn Pentecost. It is like Usui Reiki, but the focus is on dealing with issues that arise from karmic events. You may already know that the energy field can be damaged by bad food, poor sleep, negative thoughts or emotional distress or low mood, resulting in poor physical health. Karmic Reiki aims to heal the effect of karma on the aura; the vibrations of good and bad deeds that enter our energy and lodge in our aura, attracting more of the same.  

In place of a mirror, the words, "You Look Lovely"

Consider life as a mirror; the premise is that what you project comes back to you, affecting your health positively or negatively.

Karmic Reiki uses powerful frequencies of energy to release these current and past karmic issues and patterns held in the aura. Karmic Reiki is also used to connect you with your guides for karmic healing.

The focus of Karmic Reiki is on the aura; the energy that surrounds all living matter. When the energy of the aura is clear and balanced, the body’s own healing mechanisms function well. 

During a treatment, you may experience similar reactions as with Usui Reiki, such as warmth, tingling, lightness, sleepiness or pulses and trembling. Afterwards, you may notice shifts and harmonizing effects of a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual nature. Mood changes or detoxing effects can occur while the energies realign. 

A short explanation of Karma

Cheryl Valdebenito attuned me to Karmic Reiki in February 2014 as part of her invaluable healing support during my cancer journey. She gave me excellent guidance on the subject of Karma as it relates to Reiki. I draw upon her words here and her reference to William Lee Rand’s philosophy to summarise what she taught me. Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning an act or deed. According to Hindu teachings, karma is the deeds of the ego and the effects thereof. These deeds affect universal balance and karmic law dictates that these effects eventually return to the doer. However, those effects may not come about in the same lifetime. Karma is not simply judgement or punishment for bad deeds. Belief in Karma is the belief that thoughts, words and actions carry energy and affect our reality and so Karma can bring both rewards and obstacles. We are energy and thought is energy. Thoughts result in action. Actions carry energies that result in good and bad karma. In other words, our thoughts draw a corresponding reality towards us and so it is imperative to be conscious of those thoughts. Understanding Karma can lead to a conscious choice to follow a better path. According to William Lee Rand’s philosophy, humble acceptance of Karmic lessons in place of struggle and battle is one way to limit the accumulation of more obstacles. Once the Karmic lesson is learnt, we make progress in our understanding of ourselves and the universe. So if the same issue keeps returning, we may have missed the Karmic lesson and need some help. William Lee Rand invites us to ask a higher power to help us learn the lesson and balance the karma.