Spiritually Curious Society

Learn to love yourself

Spiritual development workshops are individually tailored workshops to help those interested in life awareness, mindfulness, creative visualisation and manifesting. You will learn all about who you are and why you are who you are, as well as who you can become. We will explore the treasure of your experiences and reveal the wonderful things you are capable of. I draw on 15 years of experience to bring you a huge variety of topics to support your self-care practice or energy healing work. Over the years I have been inspired by so many teachers, but my favourite two are Joe Dispenza and Louise Hay. I trained as a Heal Your LifeĀ® Teacher in 2014 and this transformational, life changing course, based on philosophy of Louise Hay, was a major influence in my life.

Workshops are usually 4 hours long and include a variety of practical techniques. For example, you can learn how to care for your energy body (aura), gain a deeper knowledge of chakras and their role in healing, explore the use of affirmations and mirror work and delve deeper into meditation and breathwork. The aim is to develop a sense of serenity, self-worth and self-acceptance. For sensitive souls, empaths and healers, I offer workshops on energy grounding, boundaries and energy self-protection to help you build resilience and step into your power. Courses are small and tailored to the participants to offer a caring and exciting atmosphere in which to delve into the deeper questions about you and tap into your inner essence to help you become all you are meant to be in every area of your life.